Best Fb Page Creator and Manager- FollowingLike

Is there a bot helping me auto create Facebook Pages? How can I auto like and comment posts with Facebook Fan Page? How do I auto join Facebook groups by switching business pages? If you have all questions above in social media marketing, you are in the right place today. because we are going to how you how we use FollowingLike to ahieve all goals.

You may see many new pages join in groups. They has no profile, followers or posts. Normally, they are different pages generated by one Facebook account. It can help increase the number of your groups members. In this way, you don't need more accounts. So how can a bot help you do this?

Step One:  Auto Create Pages

Creating Facebook pages is time consuming and tired. FollowingLike can be a perfect tool for this work. You need to fill so much infoformation and upload pics.

With FollowingLike, you don't need to do it manually. It can auto create pages and upload profile photos. Your page won't look like a fake page anymore.

Step Two: Switch to any page as you want

 If you have more than 1 page, you can use FollowingLike to auto switch to page and like, comment posts , create posts, watch live or join groups.

Step Three: Switch back

If you want to use your profile page, you can switch it back manually or  you can tick this box.

Why do you need Facebook pages?

Creating pages is easier than creating Facebook accounts.   Overall, while there is no set limit to the number of pages you can create with a new Facebook account, it's important to approach page creation strategically and ensure that you have the resources and capacity to manage multiple pages effectively. Also, Facebook may limit the number of pages you can manage based on your activity and usage.

Why do you need FollowingLike?

It's important to note that managing multiple pages can be time-consuming and require a significant amount of effort to maintain. It's important to ensure that you have the resources and bandwidth to manage multiple pages you created effectively.  There is no doubt that FollowingLike can be your perfect assistant.