Do We Have to Use Proxies, If We Bind Different Fingerprints to Multiple Accounts?

Should we bind all accounts to the same fingerprint or different accounts should have a unique fingerprint?

Binding all accounts to the same fingerprint is not recommended as it may increase the risk of getting detected and banned by Facebook. It is advisable to use unique fingerprints for each account to minimize the chances of getting detected and banned.

As for how often to use a unique fingerprint, there is no set rule. It depends on various factors such as the number of accounts being managed, the frequency of use, and the level of risk tolerance. Generally, it's advisable to use a unique fingerprint for every few accounts to reduce the risk of getting flagged by Facebook.

Since Fingerprint makes Facebook thinks we use different devices, why do we still need proxies?

Yes, a unique fingerprint can make Facebook think that you are using a different device, even if you are accessing it from the same physical device. Fingerprinting is a technique used to gather information about a user's device and browser configuration, such as the device type, operating system, browser version, screen resolution, installed fonts, and more. By analyzing this information, Facebook can create a digital fingerprint of your device and use it to track your online activities and to identify you across multiple sessions and devices. By changing your fingerprint, you can make it harder for Facebook to track and profile you. However, keep in mind that Facebook has sophisticated tracking mechanisms and may still be able to identify you based on other factors, such as your behavior patterns, social connections, and location.

Some offices have lots of people using Facebook and all of them are behind  the same IP address ( Router ip ); thus, to Facebook they all sharing the same IP and non of them is blocked, so why should we use proxies when managing multiple accounts?

While a unique fingerprint can make Facebook think that each account is being accessed from a different device, using proxies can further help to avoid detection and potential bans. Even if multiple accounts are being accessed from the same physical location and IP address, Facebook can still identify suspicious patterns and behavior associated with those accounts. By using proxies, each account can appear to be accessing Facebook from a different IP address and location, further increasing the appearance of legitimacy and reducing the risk of being flagged or banned. Additionally, proxies can provide additional security and privacy measures, as they can help to mask the actual location and identity of the user accessing Facebook.

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