Does Followinglike Really Have a Virus?

FollowingLike is a commonly used social media automation tool, which helps to get real social engagement on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and Quora. However, some users report that when they use FollowingLike, they will be warned by some security software that FollowingLike may be a virus or malware. This has brought certain troubles to the developers and users. This blog will explain why it is considered a virus:

In order to protect their intellectual property rights, the developers of FollowingLike packed FollowingLike. Packing refers to encrypting, compressing, and obfuscating an executable program in order to protect its intellectual property and prevent decompilation, modification, and piracy. The packer can embed the code of the original program into its own code, and at the same time add some additional codes and data, such as algorithms for decrypting and restoring codes, checksums, licenses, etc. When the program is running, the packer will first decrypt and restore its own code, and then execute the code of the original program. Therefore, the packer can hide and protect the code and data of the original program to a certain extent.

However, the presence of packers can also cause problems for some security software. Security software usually scans programs on your computer for viruses or other malicious code.

Some automated programs need to perform some operations on the target system, such as simulating keyboard and mouse input, automatic clicking, etc. These operations may be similar to the behavior of viruses. If these automated programs are misidentified as viruses by antivirus software, they may be blocked or deleted, causing normal business processes to be affected

Moreover, the code structure and behavior of the packer are somewhat similar to those of viruses, so some security software will mistake the packer for a virus, and then intercept, delete or isolate it.

Therefore, FollowingLike may also be misjudged as a virus by some security software. This misjudgment may cause some confusion for FollowingLike users. So the user can turn off the antivirus software and add the software folder to the exclusions. Then proceed with the installation.

In the end, please believe us, no company will actually plant a virus in its software, which is not good for customers or the development of the company.