A Guide on How To Use Cookies to Login in FollowingLike?

What's cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer or device when they visit a website. They are commonly used by websites to remember user preferences and login information. When it comes to user login, cookies can offer several advantages.

Advantages of using cookies to login

Convenience: By storing login information in cookies, users can easily log in to a website without having to enter their username and password every time they visit. This is particularly useful for websites that require frequent logins.  If you use a cookie to log in to Facebook, you will not be prompted for two-factor authentication if you have previously set it up for your account.

Improved security: Cookies can help to improve the security of user login information by storing it locally on the user's device instead of transmitting it over the internet. This can make it harder for hackers to intercept login credentials and gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

How can I get cookeis and login?

Step one: 

Go to chrome store and add the extension "EditThisCookie" to chrome. 

Step two

Login to your Facebook or instagram account. Then click extensions and EditThisCookie.

Step Three

Click the picture of cookie and click export.

Step Four

Choose to use cookie to login, paste the cookie and click ok.