How to Grow 1000+ Members in Instagram Group Chat Rapidly?

Do you want to boost your brand and products? Do you want to grow more followers? Do you want to keep in touch with your followers and broadcast your sale info? Don't miss this feature on Instagram---Group Chat!

How to create a new group chat  and add more members on Instagram

You can create a new group chat on Instagram by sending a message to 2 or more people.

To create a new group chat:

  1. Click send or messenger on the left.
  2. Click  in the top left.
  3. Select 2 or more people from the list or search for their username at the top, then click Create Group Chat.
  4. From here, you can:
    • Type a message.
    • Click  to upload a photo or video from your library.
  5. Click Send.

You can add more people to group chats on Instagram that already include 3 or more people.

To add people to a group chat

  1. Click send or messenger on the left.
  2. Click the group chat you'd like to add people to, then click the group name at the top.
  3. Click Add people below the Members.
  4. Search for and select people you'd like to add, then click Done.

When you add people to a group conversation, they'll be able to see the previous messages in that conversation, except for disappearing photos and videos.

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