Auto Create Different Posts in Multiple Subreddits--Let FollowingLike Free Your Hands Now!

It's TRUE!!!

FollowingLike has powerful features like auto create post, upvote/downvote, comment, reply to comments,etc.

If you are an active marketer, you really need to know how to auto create post on reddit which can save you time and enougy.

Advantage of auto-creating posts on Reddit

The advantage of auto-creating posts on Reddit is that it saves time and effort in creating and publishing content. Instead of manually creating and posting each piece of content, automation tools can help to schedule and publish posts on a regular basis without the need for constant supervision. This can be especially useful for businesses or individuals who want to maintain a consistent online presence but have limited time or resources to devote to content creation.

Automated posting can also help to increase visibility and engagement on Reddit by ensuring that posts are published at optimal times and frequency. This can lead to more views, upvotes, and comments, which can in turn help to boost the visibility and reach of your content.

How to Auto Post with FollowingLike 

Step one: Import al your accounts and login to your accounts.

Step two: Use templeates in the program

Step three: Run it now or at a scheduled time

Are These Posts Spammy?

Of course not!

You can choose to use different accounts to post in different subreddits respectively, so the post will be unique.

It's important to note that using automation tools for posting on Reddit must be done responsibly and within the platform's guidelines. Overuse or misuse of these tools can result in account suspension or even a ban. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the content being posted is of high quality and relevant to the subreddit in which it is being posted. 


Don't regard automation tools as monsters. They are just a bot helping you do some tedious tasks and ease your burden. Come and give it a shot!